Accelerate your time to market and help ensure you meet customer expectations for a great online experience with SuiteSuccess for B2B Commerce. With nearly two decades of experience from thousands of ecommerce deployments, this service paves a pathway to success and is proven to deliver rapid business value. You choose the design theme for your site and we will implement a best-in-class SuiteCommerce web store in 30 days or less. Pre-defined commerce reports and KPIs are included to provide insights that help you run your business.

Key Benefits:
  • Deploy your web store in 30 days or less.
  • Provide unique site functionality for your business buyers.
  • Gain insights from pre-defined commerce reports and KPIs to help run your business.
  • Eliminate integrations between separate systems with your ecommerce natively tied to your operational business systems on a unified cloud platform.

All the features and functionality of SuiteCommerce are included, plus this additional B2B functionality:

Site design

Choose from a selection of prebuilt responsive themes to provide the site design that best reflects your brand.

SEO migration

We’ll provide guidance to help you maintain your search rankings.

Customer segmentation

Publish different products/catalogs to different customers.

Grid order

Display up to two matrix items as a grid. Once the quantity is entered for each matrix item, everything is added to the cart in a single click and the sales order is populated with the individual lines.

Inventory display

Provide real-time inventory information to buyers on your web store.

Product comparisons

Create a comparison table of multiple products.

Back-in-stock notification

Buyers can sign up on your web store to receive back-in-stock notifications for items that were temporarily unavailable.

Product lead time

Display an estimated wait time until an out-of-stock product is in stock.

Item badges

Visual icon to identify an item as New, On Sale or Best Seller.

Infinite scroll.

On search results page, replace pagination with endless/infinite scrolling.


Form template provided to capture requests such as product inquiries or dealer registrations.

Size charts

Provide size/fit information relevant to each product on the product detail page. The Size Chart will appear in a modal popup.

Informational pages

Templates for “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “404” and “Terms and Conditions” pages.

Responsive email templates.

Optimize order email templates (confirmed, approved, cancelled and shipped) are formatted to display on any screen size.

Online vs. offline sales

Percentage of sales that were generated online vs. offline for a given period.

Open web sales orders

List of sales orders originating from the web store with an open billing status.

Web orders

Shows a count of web orders placed during the selected date range(s).

Web revenue

Shows the total credits to income and expense accounts from web orders during the selected date range(s).

Web store item analysis

Report of items sold through the web store by Total Sales Orders, Quantity Ordered, Total Order Revenue, Number of Total Sales, Quantity Sold and Total Billed Revenue.

Web sales by customer segmentation

Comparison of specific segments including revenue, orders and average order value.

Back-in-stock – Top 10 requested items

See the top items for which customers have requested back-in-stock notifications.

Shopping Cart Options for Business Customers

Choose if all contacts at your business customers should share the same shopping cart.

Back-in-stock subscription waitlist

KPI of customers who have open back-instock subscriptions.

Back-in-stock emails

Back-in-stock notifications that have been sent.

Best Sellers

The SuiteCommerce Best Sellers extension adds a sorting option that lets you showcase best-selling items in your web store.


The SuiteCommerce Blog extension lets you create blog posts for your website using Site Management Tools.


The SuiteCommerce Columns extension lets you add up to 3 columns of text with images and call-to-action buttons using Site Management Tools.

Custom Fields

The SuiteCommerce Custom Fields extension lets you add custom fields to the Checkout application and Product Detail Pages of your website without customizing any source code or themes.

Featured Category

The SuiteCommerce Featured Category extension lets you highlight a commerce category on your website.

Featured Product

The SuiteCommerce Featured Product extension lets you highlight a recommended product on your website in a featured section.

Gift Certificate Value Check

The SuiteCommerce Gift Certificate Management extension lets you to Group Gift Certificates in Your Web Store, Add Gift Certificate Value Check and Display Gift Certificates in My Account.

Gift Wrap & Message

The SuiteCommerce Gift Wrap & Message extension lets you offer gift wrap options in your web store and allow users to add personalized messages to their orders.

Google Tag Manager Interface

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free application provided by Google that lets you manage all of your tags in one place. Tags can measure site traffic, visitor behavior, provide insight into the impact of online advertising and marketing campaigns, or other functions.

Image Text Overlay

The SuiteCommerce Image Text Overlay extension lets you add an image and text that displays over the image using Site Management Tools.

Logo List

The SuiteCommerce Logo List extension lets you add up to 12 images to your web page, include descriptive text, and specify an internal or external URL for each image.

Map & Contact

Adding these content types to enhanced or custom landing pages allows you to include a map, contact information, and a contact form to your web store.

Newsletter Sign Up

The SuiteCommerce Newsletter Sign Up extension lets you add a newsletter subscription form to your website using Site Management Tools.

Order Status

The SuiteCommerce Order Status extension lets you display billing and shipping information of a purchase order to users on your website.

Photo Gallery

The SuiteCommerce Photo Gallery extension lets you add a gallery of images to your web page using Site Management Tools (SMT).

Product Feeds

A product feed contains a list of items and their attributes that can be used by third-party solutions for marketing purposes.

Shipping Bar

The SuiteCommerce Shipping Bar extension lets you add a shipping bar and banners to your website to inform shoppers of how much they have to spend to qualify for free or special rate shipping.


The SuiteCommerce Slideshow extension lets you add a carousel of images to your website using Site Management Tools.

Stock Notifications

The SuiteCommerce Stock Notifications extension lets users sign up for an email notification alerting them when an out-of-stock item again becomes available.


The SuiteCommerce Testimonials extension lets you add up to 3 testimonials that combine text and image to your web page.