Extend NetSuite Capabilities

Although NetSuite offers a complete business software suite with ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality, companies often encounter limitations with out of box NetSuite functionality. Those limitations are due to their unique requirements and hangover of the functionality as it worked in their legacy systems. They need to customize NetSuite with additional features or functionality, to better support their business processes. As NetSuite development experts, we can help you extend or customize your existing NetSuite solution to meet your business’ unique requirements.

SuiteScript allows developers and administrators to create flexible business logic within NetSuite tailored to specific business needs—from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications. SuiteBundler makes it easy for partners and customers to package and deploy customizations and applications built on the SuiteCloud platform. Whether a NetSuite customer moving customizations from a sandbox environment to production or an ISV or SI looking to package industry or domain expertise for distribution to end customers, SuiteBundler lets you easily bundle groups of customizations, manage versioning and deploy customizations nearly instantaneously.
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What We Offer

Extend NetSuite Using Suite Cloud Developer Tools

  • Extend Using Suite Could Customizations : Using several Suite Cloud Developer Tools and API’s , our team can create the custom functionality within your NetSuite platform. No need to create and maintain external applications to provide the additional functionality needed for your business needs.
  • Business Process Automations : Using the power of Suite Scripting and workflow , automation can be provided for several manual tasks providing ROI on your NetSuite Investment and saving valuable time.
  • Custom Reporting : Feeling limited with the out of box reporting from NetSuite , our team can build the custom reports that are valuable to your business needs and provides the data as you need and in the format you need. Get away from having to create and send those manual reports. Automate creation and dispatch of reports per your needs.
  • Data Imports : Missing the data from the third party systems that should be available in NetSuite. Our data Import team can migrate the data from your legacy systems to NetSuite. Further , our team can also setup automated data sync’s between NetSuite and other systems to ensure NetSuite always has the latest data.
  • Systems Integration : Integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, in a bi-directional manner with NetSuite. Using the power of SuiteTalk Technology , our NetSuite integration specialists can develop integration to communicate seamlessly with NetSuite in a highly managed environment.

Below are some the tasks our SuiteScript Automation team can help with :

  • Automate data entry on my forms: default field values, enable/disable fields, perform field-level validations, perform form-level validations, and change fields based on changes to other fields.
  • Automate data entry on standard sublists and sublists created from custom record types.
  • Automatically create related records based on the submittal of other records, such as a customer or a sales order.
  • Execute saved searches and dynamically generated searches from inside my scripts.
  • Schedule automated processing to occur at specified intervals.
  • Enable my business to be agile and promote reuse by incorporating script parameters.
  • Extend the power of workflows (SuiteFlow) through workflow action scripts.
  • Create custom applications on the NetSuite platform.
  • Build custom portlets.
  • Take full advantage of the SuiteScript API, incorporating a wide-variety of functions and objects.
  • and Much more.